Date Posted... Dec 12th 2016



Junior Girls' Boarding Update: 12 December 2016

The girls have had another great week in Pentreve, with Christmas shopping on Wednesday and a trip down to the Cathedral on Thursday evening.

On Thursday, we all travelled down to the cathedral for the school’s annual Nine Lessons and Carols concert, Amy has very kindly written about the event:

On Thursday evening after supper, we all walked into town to support our resident chorister, Helena in Nine Lessons and Carols. We quickly made our way to our seats forgetting to collect a program, which unfortunately contained all of the words for the carols. Thankfully, some Truro School parents were kind enough to save us from our embarrassment! We listened to nine bible extracts and carols from the various choirs in the cathedral – including Once in Royal David’s City with the solo sung beautifully by Bethany Williams. A very well done to Helena and all the choristers that were involved, we all enjoyed it very much – Amy Lindon-Travers.


On Friday evening the whole boarding community went ice skating at Eden. All of the girls were really looking forward to it and were pleased that they had had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to go roller skating to practice their skills. After school it was a bit of a rush to get changed, collect our pasties and get to the bus by 4.15pm but thankfully we all made it in time. Once we had collect our skates we headed out onto the ice. Anne did not waste any time and was skating backwards before the rest of the girls had hit the ice. Caroline was also able to skate confidently and was brave to skate at high speed with her. It was really nice to see all of the boarders together helping one another on the ice. Amy, showed her usual determination and just about managed to get round the rink – holding the sides. Thankfully Alex and Helena were on hand to offer some advice. It is safe to say that she is far better at roller-skating!

After the ice skating the girls had the opportunity to wander around the biomes which were amazing. It was quite magical seeing Eden at night lit up by all of the lasers. Not to miss a shopping opportunity the girls made their way to the Eden shop to purchase some Christmas gifts!

The rest of the weekend was free for the girls apart from Helena who was performing at Cathedral in Handel’s Messiah on Saturday evening. As it was a miserable wet day most of the girls spent the day in the house or wandered into town. On Saturday evening the girls joined the senior girls in Malvern for a pizza – much to the dismay of Helena who had missed pizza for the third week in a row! The girls made light work of the nine pizzas then played on Mario Kart. Anson, Tung, Stephanie, Amy and Cherry were certainly able to hold their own against the senior girls.

Sunday was a very special day because it was Mrs Mulready’s Birthday. The girls had spent all week deciding on what gifts they would buy and Amy did a sterling job of getting the girls organised! The plan had been devised and while Miss Hope knocked on Mrs Mulready’s door the girls frantically attempted to hide in the limited hiding places in the common room. Mrs Mulready was really touched by the thoughtful gifts and the special messages written in her card! For the rest of the day the girls relaxed in the house, completed their prep and wrapped their secret Santa gifts.

The final week of the term will be packed with all things Christmassy! Secret Santa gifts will be exchanged, the presents under the Christmas tree will be opened and on Wednesday the girls will join the rest of the boarders for an evening of Christmas jumpers, carols and mince pies!

This will be the last blog that I will write for 2016, it has been a pleasure looking after the girls in Pentreve and I wish you all a restful and Merry Christmas!