Date Posted... May 2nd 2017



Junior Girls' Boarding Update: 02 May 2017

And here it is…the first blog of the summer term!!!!

Quite where the three week Easter holiday went I do not know but here we are, one full week in and it is MAY!

The girls arrived back in their usual dribs and drabs on Sunday afternoon and by Sunday evening the house was buzzing with noise and laughter once again. We are joined by two new faces this term and are delighted to welcome Emma and Sofia to Pentreve House. Sunday evening was spent unpacking and sleeping for those that had travelled long distances.

On Monday morning, and with a normal school day in store, the girls were up bright and early. The usual uniform mug shots of the new boarders, Emma and Sofia, took place and then we all headed up the hill for breakfast. Sofia wasted no time getting involved with the extracurricular activities on offer attending rounders practice after school.

On Tuesday evening, after supper, Mr Copeland delivered a PSHEE session on Values to the entire boarding community. Having asked the initial questions, ‘What is your most prized possession?’ and ‘What would you be willing to give up in order to get that prized possession back?’ he went on to talk about the five core values that he tries to model his own life on. The boarders were all asked to list their own five core values, something that really made them think. I was pleased to see respect, kindness, trust and love all feature very highly on the Pentreve girl’s’ lists’. Mr Copeland has collated all the responses from this exercise and has made a poster for display in the boarding houses.

Friday afternoon and the end of the first academic week quickly came about and the girls were pleased to down tolls for the weekend. With the added bonus of no school on Monday due to the bank holiday, the girls were looking forward to a long weekend.

On Friday evening the usual hour of prep after supper took place. Tung, Anson, Stephanie, Cherry, Emma, Sofia and Amy made the most of the SBASC and later weekend bedtimes were enjoyed.

Saturday morning saw the girls make the most of a lie in and then it was brunch in the dining hall for all. The rest of the day was free and the girls visited town, completed prep and made the most of the house facilities. We all came together in the evening for the first of our themed Saturday evening extravaganza’s planned for the Summer term; Chocolate Fondue Night. The girls, as you will see in the pictures below, enjoyed dipping the apples, bananas, pear, oranges, strawberries, grapes, raspberries and marshmallows in the chocolate; it is safe to say they probably went to bed feeling a little sick!

On Sunday, Anson, Sofia and Emma were up early for church. For the rest of the house full lie-ins were taken advantage of before brunch. With the main weekend activity planned to take place on bank holiday Monday, the girls made the most of the onsite swimming pool and the weekly inflatable session in particular.

Having expended a lot of energy the girls returned to the house for showers before getting comfy and cosy in their onsies.

Cath had cooked up a fajita storm in the kitchen for supper and then the usual Sunday evening rounds of prep, bed changing, a house meeting and some room tidying commenced. With no school the next day the girls settled down to a DVD with popcorn in the common room.

On Monday, after a hearty brunch, the girls, together with the boarders from Poltisco, Malvern and Trennick, boarded the minibuses bound for Wadebridge and the Camel Trail. Unfortunately the weather conspired against us and the planned cycle was cancelled on route. So as not to waste the day a pit stop to Trago Mills was made and the girls enjoyed a couple of hours perusing the different departments.  Upon arrival back at school, supper was enjoyed, prep was completed and the girls got earlier nights in preparation for the week ahead.

This week is set to be a busy one and with a four day academic week it will very quickly be the weekend once again. On Wednesday we will congregate in the chapel for the first of this terms Boarders’ Chapel Services.

Next weekend Miss Hope is taking the girls to Tavistock for an activity day that includes tree surfing and archery. Tung will spend Friday night and all of Saturday in Bournemouth at the National Badminton Finals and Helena will have her usual Cathedral commitments on Sunday.

Make sure you read next weekend’s blog to find out all about the girls tree-swinging fun. Good luck Tung!

Mrs Sarah Mulready: Housemistress, Pentreve House (Junior Girls’ Boarding)