Date Posted... Oct 3rd 2019



Junior Girls’ Boarding Blog

The weeks are flying by as we reach almost a full month back at school. As ever it has been a busy one with a myriad of extracurricular activities for the girls which they have taken part in with their usual enthusiasm and can do attitude. Although the evenings are a little darker and the weather is a little cooler it certainly hasn’t stopped anybody trudging back up the hill to the sports centre for an evening to join the other boarders for a swim or game of badminton.

The girls have now settled very well into a routine of supper followed by prep which there is slightly less enthusiasm for, however once we are in the library everybody works very hard to get the job done. On Thursday we were able to offer some relief from prep in the form of baking. The junior girls accompanied
by the junior boys headed excitedly to our fabulous cookery school to bake, bake, bake! They all worked very hard to create some incredible cupcakes which were then sold to other school students on to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research where we raised a pretty impressive £121. It was a
pleasure to see the students having so much fun and working together for such an excellent cause and I think you’ll agree from the pictures they really do have some great baking skills! They are not so good at washing up, but we can work on that!

Continuing with the foodie theme our activity this weekend was attending the Truro Food Festival, right here on our very doorstep. We were spoilt for choice with an array of delicious and tempting aromas as we headed into town on Saturday afternoon. Some of us took the time to watch the Truro School Cookery demonstration by our very own Maria Taylor, Head of Cookery, before tucking into the delights available, some however couldn’t resist the tempting food and headed straight to the street food stall of their choice; the Thai food certainly seemed to be a favourite.

Later in the evening three of our girls were dressed to impress as they went off to a birthday party, and a few girls joined in with the Malvern girls for their in house disco, while the rest of the house and a couple of the boys chilled out in the living room to watch a film and enjoy some yummy treats that we brought back from the Food Festival including some amazing Mars Bar brownies.

On Sunday morning after a well-deserved lie in the girls dressed in their smartest clothes and we all attended the 92nd anniversary service at the school chapel, where we had the privilege of listening to the incredible Truro School Chamber Choir which some of the girls are proud members. It was a real treat for the rest of us to hear how their hard work and hours of rehearsal has paid off.

Mrs Justine Howe – Pentreve Resident Tutor