Date Posted... Dec 4th 2017



Junior Girls' Boarding Blog – 4 December

On Friday evening the house was rather quiet. A rare thing!

While Stephanie was working, the rest of the girls were either having a sleepover with friends or taking part in, or watching, a GCSE music concert. Melanie and Martha performed a joint piece on the keyboard and violin.

On Saturday many of the girls went into town to do some Christmas shopping and they were very keen to show me their purchases when they returned. During the evening we had the pleasure of having the junior boys round to visit. Morgan proved very useful as he managed to get the Wii connected up at last!

On Sunday the whole boarding community made their way ‘up country’ to the ski centre in Plymouth. During the first session we did some tobogganing and snow tubing.  Then the girls were given the option of skiing or snowboarding. Most decided on skiing and thankfully there were no accidents! The girls had a great time and it certainly helped us to get into the spirit of Christmas! When we returned to boarding house we put up the Christmas decorations and, as you can see, they did a great job.


Best wishes,

Miss Hope

Resident House Tutor