Date Posted... Sep 23rd 2019



Junior Girls' Boarding Blog

Pentreve House has seen much celebration with two more birthdays and the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival.

On Thursday, Theresa turned 16… and chocolate birthday cake was presented.

On Saturday, Jess turned 14… and yet another chocolate cake was shared by all. As her birthday was on the Saturday, Jess was asked to choose what she would like the evening activity to be, and so an abundance of pizza, garlic bread and ice cream was enjoyed as the girls watched a film together.

Chinese Mid–Autumn Festival is a great opportunity to think about family and friends, no matter if they are near or far from us. On Friday, boarders from all the
boarding houses grouped together to share a traditional meal, talk, laugh, and play games.

On Sunday, the girls enjoyed a lie in before setting off on their weekend trip. This time, there was no sand or sea in sight. In fact, there were no boys to be seen either. This was a girls only trip. They all arrived at the Cornwall Gold Centre ready for some serious pot painting. The girls could choose a ready-made white pot or ornament from a vast range on display. Then, using different, beautiful coloured glazes they each went on to create beautifully individual pieces. They had to take care when choosing their colours because they would look very different once the glazes had been fired. The concentration was tangible. There was no Wi-Fi reaching the secluded grounds but this didn’t bother the girls, they talked and laughed with each other in a way reminiscent of prior times when women would sit together with their crafts, or their food preparations, and share stories.

The pots had to be left behind so that the pottery staff could put them in the extremely high temperature kiln to fire them, so those who had chosen mugs, plates, bowls etc could safely use them day to day for hot food and liquids. The firing should be completed in a couple of weeks and so we wait in anticipation to see the final pieces.

Ms Fiol