Date Posted... Nov 22nd 2017



Junior Girls' Boarding Blog – 20 November

Amy, Alex and Freya have been busy at rehearsals for the Snow Queen this week. I know that the girls are really looking forward to seeing the production next weekend. I have heard that the costumes are fantastic!

Over the weekend we welcomed Hannah Plowright for her week of boarding and Ellie and Emma visited their families. On Saturday evening the girls were given the option of Sainsburys or Aldi for their weekend treats. The bargain hunters chose Aldi which would mean more pizza and chicken! I was very impressed as the girls underspend by eight pounds, now that is serious budgeting! I am sure many of the parents are thinking ‘if only they could do that with their pocket money!’ On Saturday night the girls enjoyed watching X Factor and eating their mini banquet. On Sunday there was plenty of horsing around despite the intermittent showers. The girls were treated to horseriding and a session on grooming. I was very impressed that the girls embraced the wet weather and opted to go on a hack rather than having an indoor lesson. On our return to the boarding house the girls quickly made their way to the showers to warm up and the rest of the evening was spent getting ready for the week ahead.

Best wishes,

Miss Hope