Date Posted... Dec 11th 2017



Junior Girls' Boarding Blog – 11 December

So we come to the final blog of this term, and the final blog featuring Eva, Martha and Melanie who are all leaving at the end of term to return to their schools in Germany and Spain.

We will all miss them immensely and I hope they have enjoyed their time here at Truro School and will value both the experiences they have had and the friendships they have made – they are all welcome back to visit any time!

It has been a really busy week and we still have four more busy days before the end of term.  In the last week the girls have completed interim tests in most subjects, Freya has been for cookery lessons and Katie has been busy both playing the trumpet and singing in lots of rehearsals for the production of Handel’s Messiah which took place in the cathedral on Saturday evening.

On Saturday the girls did some more Christmas present shopping, including buying those all important Secret Santa presents and then on Sunday all of the boarders went to the Eden project to go ice-skating before our boarders’ Christmas dinner.  Amy, Emma and Ellie made a very nice speech on behalf of the house and Miss Hope and I presented some awards:

Amy received a My Little Pony for being the only person to fall off when horse-riding

Katie received a set of kazoos (sorry Martin family!) for being the most musical member of the house

Emma received a gingerbread cottage kit for winning the Boarders’ Bake off

Alex received some nail polishes for having the biggest “Beauty station” in the house

Melanie received a disco dancing gnome for being our secret dancer

Eva received a giant bar of chocolate because the first thing she says every single afternoon as she returns from school is “Can I have chocolate?”


I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year!  I hope you all enjoy the couple of weeks you will have together as families and I look forward to seeing the girls in January!

Miss Broadhurst