Date Posted... Mar 11th 2019



Junior Girls' Boarding Blog: 10 March 2019

It has been another busy week in Pentreve.  On Monday evening most of the house went to watch the Junior Charity Concert performed by students in the 1st-5th years, and in which Katie was singing.

The concert raised over £1700 for its chosen charities.  On Wednesday Evie sat her Grade 5 Music Theory exam so fingers crossed she has done well!  On Friday evening I was able to go and hear Katie and Evie sing in the Cathedral Choir Spring Concert, the whole choir put on a stunning performance.  Also on Friday Katie performed in a Music for Youth competition with the school Jazz Band, we are now waiting to hear if they have got through to the next round of the competition in Birmingham.  Holly went on a Geology field trip, and Louis will go on her’s tomorrow.

This weekend we held a Spa Day for the girls in Pentreve and Malvern.  Katie and Hannah came into town with me on Saturday morning to help buy the final few pampering products.  We all went down to Malvern in the afternoon and the girls enjoyed a wide range of foots spas, face masks, nail art, body and hair glitter, as well as lots of “healthy” food including dips, rice cakes, vegetables and banana smoothies.

Holly experimented with hair glitter!  As did Hannah … and Uliana!

Meanwhile, Michelle and Delilah tried face masks…

After her busy week, Katie had a foot spa, with a chocolate rice cake!

We also received our painted pottery back from the start of term trip to Falmouth:

Michelle’s bowl and Uliana’s mug in the background. Louis’ unicorn mug, with the other side of Uliana’s mug on the right. Delilah’s flamingo mug

In the evening we invited the boys from Poltisco around for toasted cheese sandwiches.  The current craze in the house is for playing the ukulele, and Delilah, Olivia and Michelle and to be heard practising every day!

This is the standard view in the common room every afternoon/ evening.  It’s like living with the ukulele orchestra of Great Britain!

Miss Broadhurst