Date Posted... Mar 6th 2017



Junior Boys' Boarding Update: 6 March 2017

As boarding staff we believe it is our role to both educate and entertain in equal measure and this weekend’s activity allowed the boys to learn, or relearn the basics of First Aid during a long and thorough First Aid session with the girls from the Junior Girls’ House and Geoff, our First Aid Instructor.

The boys were instructed on a number of important first aid procedures and informed by a number of insightful anecdotes by our experienced St John’s Ambulance instructor. The procedures taught included how to put someone into the recovery position, how to successfully perform CPR and the Heimlich Manoeuvre, and how to safely and effectively dress a wound. All of these procedures were demonstrated by Geoff, followed by the boarders attempting the procedures on each other (see photos below) or – in the case of CPR and the Heimlich Manoeuvre – on some willing stuffed animals and mannequins that Geoff had brought along with him. The boys responded well to questions and willingly participated in all of the activities presented to them. As a result, they will all be receiving certificates to acknowledge their training in an upcoming school assembly.

As a reward for their committed response to the First Aid session, the boys were rewarded with their regular Saturday night pizzas followed by a trip out to Nero’s Coffee House in Truro on Sunday afternoon for a hot chocolate/coffee and something tasty to eat.

We are looking forward to a trip up to Exeter together in a fortnight’s time.

Until then, with warmest regards,

Mr Thomson,

Poltisco House Assistant