Date Posted... Feb 6th 2017



Junior Boys' Boarding Update: 6 February 2017

Trennick Pizzas and life ‘on campus’

The house were delighted to have 1st Year, Tom, join us again for the weekend and for the remainder of this half term. The boys took him under their wing and he was both entertained and entertaining in equal measure for the boys in the house. On Saturday, boys were given an option to have access to our outstanding on-site facilities in the Ben Ainslie Sports Centre or to spend the afternoon in the boarding house playing an expansive and competitive game of Risk. I’m not sure which was more exhausting, 3 hours of football or 3 hours of tense world domination.

Those who were new to it picked it up particularly quickly, with our rematch on Sunday resulting in a tense stand-off between newbies Trevor (who owned all of Asia and Australasia) and Tom (who owned all of Europe and Africa). Trevor ended up winning on points, despite employing a remarkably non-aggressive approach to a world-conquering game.

After post-brunch Risk we walked up to the senior boys’ house at Trennick to take it over for the afternoon while they were out – this was in order to make use of their kitchen facilities. Each of our boarders creating an individualised pizza made from the raw ingredients – the results were delicious.

The weekend was also supported by some exciting 6-Nations Rugby on the TV: Cam felt some national pride at Scotland’s victory over Ireland. However, despite some careful watching, we were unable to spot Mr Lawrence in the 80,000 person crowd at Twickenham.

Mr Thomson

House Assistant