Date Posted... Oct 3rd 2016



Junior Boys' Boarding Update – 2 October

It was great to be back in the boarding house for another weekend together. With Harry and Anthony away for the weekend it was a reduced house of 6. For most of us, Saturday was a chance to relax or wander into town. Nick spent the day playing his debut game of rugby – he was still smiling when he came back without too many bruises to show for it!

We wrapped up our evening with the traditional pizza and common room chat in a relatively relaxed house with just the 7 of us – I am still amazed at how hungry these boys can get even with the fabulous food put on for us a dinner time!

Our activity for the day on Sunday was a couple of hours spend on the golf course with the older boys from Trennick. This was not your traditional course, however – the holes were much larger to accommodate the footballs we were kicking around.

Nick won a closely contended competition among the Poltisco boys, narrowly beating Alex.

You wouldn’t think it was October with the weather we had today – T-shirts all round!

Let’s hope it remains this nice for a while longer!

My next trip with the boys is into the woods in a fortnight’s time – we shall find out if have any budding Bear Grylls’ among us!

Peter Thomson – House Assistant 2016/17