Date Posted... Jan 17th 2017



Junior Boys' Boarding Update: 16 January 2017

Another week has passed with a weekend that we’re all still feeling in our bones and bruises two days later.

Friday and Saturday were spent typically relaxing in the house or going for walks into town. We then all assembled in the evening for pizzas and a film (The Incredibles) which the boys seemed to enjoy. However, a few boys were rather hesitant at this stage for Sunday’s activity – the idea of getting shot by paintballs for two hours didn’t appeal to some. The forecast was also looking like heavy rain which even the keen boys weren’t too keen on.

We set off after brunch on Sunday to Truro Paintball (only a couple of miles away) with a group of boys from Trennick. Thankfully, the weather had not gone according to plan and the rain had come early – resulting in a very muddy paintball area but dry weather. All of us took part in 2 or 3 games at first – some going for a cautious approach, others a little more reckless.

After these games, we were given the option to continue for a couple more or to rest – remarkably, Cam, who was initially one of our most unsure boys, decided he was actually quite enjoying himself and joined in for our last two games enthusiastically!

We are all now gently nursing our wounds – I think an extra couple of layers of clothes for padding might be sensible next time.

Mr P J Thomson