Date Posted... May 2nd 2017



Junior Boys' Boarding Update: 02 May 2017

A big Poltisco welcome the new third year boarder Dan. I hope you have enjoyed your first week in the house.

The boys enjoyed an outing to the cinema on Saturday to watch the long anticipated ‘Guardians of The Galaxy volume 2’. On return from the cinema the popular consensus was that all enjoyed it. They were pleasantly surprised. The first movie in the series was a little tounge-in-cheek, however the effects and comedy element combined well for a really enjoyable afternoon.

During the afternoon and evening the boys made the most of the PS4 playing various games. NBA 2017 and Rocket League were the two popular choices.
A few boys used the board games that were purchased before the Easter break. Premiership football also proved popular before the evening movies came on and of course there was plenty of pizza to go around.

Sunday proved to be a damp squib. I was able to book some court time in the SBA sports centre. All of the boys used the time wisely and played ether badminton or basketball inside while it poured down outside.

The Bank holiday weather on Monday was a little better to start with.

The plan after brunch was to have a boarding community outing on the Camel trail that runs from Wadebridge to Padstow. It was going to be extra special this year as it was ‘Obby Oss’ day in Padstow. To quote from the officail Obby Oss website:

Padstow celebrates Mayday in a unique way, and the custom that has been carried out by Padstonians over centuries has not been allowed to die out. The exact origins of the tradition is unknown, but like other festivals during spring it is thought to be connected with the ancient Celtic festival of Beltane.

As we approached Wadebridge the weather progressively got worse, by the time we had parked up it was lashing down, it was also quite cold. The decision was quickly made to cancel the bike ride. We took the boarders that were with us to the indoor shopping spectacular that is Trago Mills. Trago sells most things and it is under cover, there is also a traditional cafe where the students could get some refreshments.

The students had some time available to them before returning back to school and preparing for the next day.

Mr A D Lawrence