Date Posted... Oct 8th 2018



Junior Boys' Boarding Blog: 8 October

Saturday was very busy as it was the schools Open Day. All of the boys from the house were helping out as tour guides for the perspective parents during the day. 

Over 150 families visited the school. I have been told that the boys were all excellent in their roles. 

Henry and Amari were busy in the fencing centre giving demonstrations and helping give coaching instructions to those visitors who wanted to have a go.

Later during the day some of the boys, took the opportunity to go shopping in town and stock up for the movie and pizzas during the evening.

Some also made the most of the games room during the evening by using the PS4 console to play Fifa18.

For the Sunday outing this week, the boys had the choice movies to watch at the cinema. The unanimous winner was the new Johnny English film. The boys had an enjoyable time and they all agreed that it was a very funny movie.

Back in the house tonight and the anticipation is at favour pitch as the boys want to start prep early and complete it before the new Dr Who and its prime time slot on the BBC starts.

Baking Update:

The junior boarders  who contributed to the charity bake off raised just over £120.00 for The Macmillan Trust. Well done on a great effort!