Date Posted... Feb 5th 2018



Junior Boys' Boarding Blog – 5 February

Our last weekend before half term and the boys are in good spirits with the holiday in sight.

sight. On Saturday, a number of the boys decided to go to the cinema to see the new Mazerunner film – they all agreed it was excellent. Alex went into town to do his weekly volunteering at the Oxfam charity shop. After dinner we settled to try something new on a Saturday night as Mr Thomson taught them all how to play Poker (Texas Hold-‘em) – this is already a regular event for the boys in Trennick, and a really useful game to learn for life. We borrowed the spare set of poker chips from Trennick and settled down to play, with almost all the house getting involved. The boys really enjoyed it and elected to play a second match straight after the first one – I can see this becoming a regular feature of our Saturday nights for the rest of the year, to complement our pizzas.

Our Sunday activity this weekend remained ‘in house’ at the SBA sports centre. Miss Hargreaves had arranged for the boys to have an hour of Yoga with a visiting instructor, followed by an hour of Mental Health Awareness training with Mrs Lawrence (who is a trained councillor). After a long and often tiring term, this is an excellent way for the boys to relax, reflect and find some quiet thinking space – these can sometimes be hard to find in a junior boys’ boarding house!

First question from the boys after prep this evening?

“…Fancy a game of poker?”

We hope that those of you who are seeing your boys over the holidays are looking forward to spending time together with them and that they return refreshed and enthused for the half term ahead.

Mr P J Thomson