Date Posted... Apr 23rd 2018



Junior Boys' Boarding Blog: 23 April

Welcome back to the summer term. There is a special welcome to some new faces in Poltisco; Charlie and Matthias. The boys have made you welcome here and we all hope you have an enjoyable time here at Truro School.

The weekend started in style with an outstanding senior charity concert that took place in a packed Burrell theatre. There was a vast array of talent on stage and music that spanned many genres performed by members of the fifth and sixth form. After the concert, the boys unleashed their creative skills to create ‘Billy the Boiler Robot’.

Saturday was the hottest day of the year so far. After a hearty brunch, most of the house popped into town to give the new boys a tour of the vital attractions and amenities that Truro has to offer. Tesco, Hubbox, Burger king, Dominos and of course not forgetting Poundland. What else is there for teenage boys!

The games room proved popular throughout the weekend with plenty of pool and PS4 gaming, as was the multi-player role-playing games that were played against each other in the house.

I was pleased to see some of the boys take the opportunity to use the Fitness Suite in the SBA for some training sessions during the weekend. This proved popular with Matthias who has already clocked up a number of training sessions since joining us.

The Sunday outing this week was a community activity, with all boarding houses taking part with mixed teams in a Treasure hunt around Truro. It helped with the new boarders find their way around as they explored the City.