Date Posted... Nov 19th 2018



Junior Boys' Boarding Blog: 19 November

It was a quiet weekend as a number of the termly boarders were out. Henry, Dan, Peter and Urko visited friends and family this weekend.

During Friday evening the boys visited Pentreve boarding house, with the girls spending some time in Poltisco during Saturday. The Autumn rugby internationals proved popular on Saturday evening as did the pizzas.

Following the quiet and relaxing theme of the weekend this week’s activity took place in the SBA sports centre. The boys attended and enjoyed a yoga session.

You can see one of the warm up activities with the boys successfully completing ‘The Table’.

This week the boys have gone through the process of receiving their individual ‘House targets’. These academic targets have been set and individually discussed with the boys after the recent school reports. It highlights areas that they need to focus on within their studies.

We were spoilt for choice at Sunday supper as there was traditional roast lamb meal with all the trimmings, baked cod in parsley sauce, homemade steak burgers with Swiss cheese & curly fries, a vegetarian option and many deserts to choose from.


Mr A D Lawrence