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Junior Boys' Boarding Blog: 25 March 2019

Poltisco Blog 24th March 2019

Spring has begun in earnest as we were blessed with beautiful weather in Cornwall this weekend (today in particular). Booking a day doing water-sports outside in a lake was a gamble that clearly paid off. On Saturday we took our boys, along with the younger Trennick boys and the Pentreve girls to Stithians Lake, on the Lizard Peninsula. This attractive spot is a centre of water-sports in Cornwall and we were provided the opportunity to have ago, led by two capable instructors.

The two instructors gave us tuition in kayaks and on paddleboards, with both teams swapping half way through. They encouraged to play games such as Simon Says and raft-building exercises – needless to say, all of us ended up falling in, some of us repeatedly!

Here are the brave junior girls and myself heading out in Kayaks.

Meanwhile, the junior boys set off on their paddle-boards. Some of them starting on their knees and others jumping straight to their feet (as Urko demonstrates below)

Whilst Urko and Roland were out on the water, Peter nobly decided to stay on dry land and keep the shore-bound junior girls company. We were all treated to excellent pizzas in the Stithians lake café – and I can confirm they tasted extra good after coming out of the freezing water (and taking a warm shower).

Saturday night was spent relaxing with the girls in Pentreve, enjoying Doritos and dips, before heading back across to Poltisco later on. Next week I believe Mr Lawrence will be taking the boarders Horse-riding – here’s hoping there are fewer people falling off!

Amari and Henry have travelled out to Warsaw, in Poland for a fencing competition and we look forward to hearing news upon their return on Tuesday. We weish them all the best.

Peter Thomson

Resident House Tutor, Poltisco House