Date Posted... Sep 17th 2018



Junior Boys' Boarding Blog: 17 September

The weekend began on Friday with what can only be described as a ‘Poltisco Disco’ as the entirety of the Junior Girls’ house descended on the boarding house and began sharing music and socialising in the living room. Socialising between the two houses was a theme of the weekend, as you shall see further down, and it is really great to see this early in the term.

The following day, some of our boys rose early to set out on their first Rugby fixtures against the formidable Ivy Bridge School. Ben represented the 1st Years, while Henry played with the 3rd Year team. I gather both were tightly contested games and, although neither was a victory, the boys came back having enjoyed their games. We followed this in the afternoon by taking all the boys a short walk down the road to the local Boscawen Park for a game of football. It was really great to see them so enthusiastic to get out the house for a couple of hours. It turns out Urko is as good a player as he is loyal supporter!

In the evening we had pizzas and the boys chose to watch the strangely unseasonable Home Alone – I guess good films can be enjoyed at any time of year. Early bed in preparation for Sunday.

We rose early, school wake up times on a Sunday morning, in order to fit in the most amount of time at the adventure centre. The adventure centre near Falmouth is situated in an abandoned group of quarries, that have been converted into various obstacles and adventure areas for our boards to explore. Arriving there shortly after 9, all the houses were split equally among 6 different groups, allowing for more inter-house familiarisation. Despite our boys often being the youngest within their groups, I was really impressed at the number of them that took leading roles in the challenges and puzzles that were presented to them. Below you can see Cameron as he leads his team of 8 across some wooden poles with only 4 metal poles of his own. Meanwhile, Henry, after showing his leadership to the activity leaders, was handicapped with a blindfold and led across the lake by his team and a few wooden planks – somehow, despite this, I still felt that he was in charge.

Other activities included rock climbing and raft building. Below you can see Roland as he scales the quarry walls and Peter and Amari sitting on some barrels that they are about to tie together to create rafts. The groups then proceeded to take their rafts out into the flooded quarry and race them against other teams. You can see two of the junior boys and certain member of staff rowing their makeshift boat to victory.

Needless to say, all the boarders (and all the staff) are totally exhausted this evening and relaxing before we kick start the week again tomorrow. What a fabulous weekend, I am already looking forward to my next one in a fortnight’s time.