Date Posted... Dec 4th 2017



Junior Boys' Boarding Blog – 4 December

Unfortunately, this weekend seemed to coincide with a series of unfortunate events and some nasty bugs flying around.

Trevor had a sore, neck, Max still has a leg in a brace, Morgan and Alex were seriously under the weather with flu, and to cap it all off, Mr Lawrence was completely out of action too. Deputising for him was made much easier, however, by the enormous support and positivity provided by the boys. In order to give a Houseparent a few hours off, the boys generously agreed to go and spend time in Trennick, watching films (Elf, I believe) and then spending time with the junior girls in Pentreve.

We still managed to finish the Saturday with our usual pizzas in the living room. Jack was away for the weekend, competing in an international fencing competition in Einingen, Germany, so there were only 5 boys staying for the weekend. We look forward to hearing how Jack has got on when he returns on Monday night.

Constantine was also doing sport this weekend, playing in a rugby fixture away at Taunton. Despite not scoring any tries this week, I am sure it was still an enjoyable experience.

On Sunday, the boys took a trip to Plymouth, to go skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing on an outdoor, artificial ski slope. Although not in attendance, I have seen the photos and it looked like a lot of fun. I am reliably informed that Morgan is quite the skilful skier – always the dark horse! You can see select photo highlights below.

In other exciting news, Christmas calendars have been provided and doors are being opened. Christmas trees have also been erected and decorated by the boys in the foyer and living room.

We await the boarders’ Christmas dinner next Sunday eagerly!
All best wishes,

Mr Thomson