Date Posted... Sep 9th 2019




Junior Boys' Boarding Blog

It has been a pleasure to welcome and meet our new boarders in Poltisco this week. They are settling well into our routines as they adapt to our structured day. They have also been enjoying the independence that is on offer, taking themselves up to Basketball, Swimming, Badminton and Gym sessions during the evening free time. Amari and Henry have both been away for the weekend on a fencing competition. We look forward to hearing how they got on when they return. The remaining boarders were treated to a whole-boarding trip to Porthpaen, on the coast near St Austell, where we were hosted by the Porthpaen Outdoor Activity Centre and led through a variety of activities, on what was a beautiful day. The boarders were split into two groups, mixing up the different houses.

One group was taken down to the beach, where we were loaded onto kayaks, canoes and paddle boards, and guided around the coast to find some hidden coves. It was a beautiful and interesting setting to explore, with lots of small beaches, interesting caves that we could explore and a large sea arch that we were able to paddle through, as it was high tide. One group were also treated to a visit from some curious seals, who came right up close to the group on the water. Meanwhile, the other group found an enormous Barrel Jellyfish, measuring almost 2 feet across, and totally oblivious to being prodded by the occasional oar.

Once we landed on a beach, inaccessible other than by boat, we were invited to swim out to a rocky outcrop where our guides encouraged us to jump off the cliff into the water – the larger jump must have been nearly three metres high! At the same time, others stayed on the beach, skimming stones on the beautifully calm sea, or balancing stones in piles (apparently Instagram goes wild for this).  The other half of the day was spent split between caving in artificial tunnels, and a Jacob’s ladder team building exercise, where boarders, in mixed groups of 3, were required to work as a team to help each other up increasingly widely spaced wooden beams. Carlos confidently decided to try a go solo but quickly ended up suspended an unable to move until his team arrived to help him – a lesson learned there, I’m sure!

The caving exercise was not for the faint hearted, involving crawling around on our bellies through narrow tunnels, often having to squeeze through gaps and go over and around corners and lumps, including the tricky ‘bend-over’ corner which, as the name suggests, required you to bend over forward and propel yourself head first down the next tunnel.

On Sunday the boarders were given free time to go into town and have a look at the local Truro day Carnival, which is found very close in the local Boscawen Park, a lovely green park only 5 minutes walk up the road from Poltisco. The rest of the day was spend with some well earned free time to recover from all the excitement of Saturday.

Mr. Peter Thomson, Resident Tutor