Why Board?

Boarding at Truro School is all about feeling at home; the warm and welcoming houses, the support of friends and family and settling in to the quaint and gorgeous city of Truro.

Boarding at Truro School

So, Why Board?

  • Companionship, community and the chance to build life-long friendships
  • Wake up at Truro School, cut out the daily commute and reduce the cost of travelling
  • Supervised support during evening prep from house staff
  • Freedom to become more easily involved in after school activities
  • Enjoy the school facilities in the evening

The Right Option for You

There are four different boarding options at Truro School:
Full boarder You stay full time, including weekends, and return home for the holidays.
Weekly boarder You board from Monday to Friday evening and go home for the weekends.
Flexi-boarder You stay over now and again, if your parents are away, you have exams, or if you stay late at school for activities or productions.

Maximum number of nights per term is 20. 

Day boarder You join the boarders for meals and prep but go home for the night.

We offer 24 hour medical care for our boarders.

Day boarding

Day boarding is an increasingly popular option as it offers a practical solution to the complications of modern family life.

  • After school you report to your boarding school house – then you can join in with any school activities, use the library, go into town, or simply spend time with your friends in the house.
  • Dinner is provided at 5.40pm.
  • You do two hours of  prep per evening, supervised by teachers.
  • You spend free time relaxing in the house or joining in activities in the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre, supervised by staff.
  • You are collected before 10.00pm

In our last ISI Inspection, boarding at Truro School was rated outstanding in the following categories:

  • Helping children to be healthy
  • Helping children make a positive contribution
  • Helping children achieve well and enjoy what they do

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