Pastoral Care

Boarding school in Cornwall, UK

Truro School has a long history of boarding and believes that the community atmosphere of the school is greatly enhanced by the presence of boarders.

Boarding is offered to those pupils (from the UK or overseas) who wish to board either full board, weekly board or flexi board. Boarders, although representing only a small percentage of the population, are seen as an integral part of life at school; they represent the heart of the school. There are four relatively small houses, two for girls; Malvern for senior girls and Pentreve for junior girls, and two boys houses; Trennick for senior boys and Poltisco for junior boys. Each house has a dedicated team of boarding staff, which includes a deputy Housemaster or mistress and a team of tutors, whose pastoral work is essential to maintain the smooth running of the boarding community and to enhance the quality of life of the pupils whilst they are in school.


Pupils are provided with three very good meals each day when boarding and the sixth form also have access to the informal environment of the school’s café. Drinks and snacks are also readily available in all of the houses. Welfare support is provided through the pastoral teams in the houses, through class tutors and Heads of Years as well as through the medical team in the Health Centre. Spiritual guidance is provided by the Chaplain and Headmaster. We have our own counsellor as well as an independent listener. The overseas pupils also have access to EAL lessons during both the evenings and weekends. At Truro School we also pay much attention to ‘pupil voice’ through house meetings, committees, surveys and parental feedback.

Boarding Ethos

Truro School seeks to develop the whole pupil, by addressing what we consider to be the important facets of a rounded education which prepare pupils for life after school and this is particularly true within the boarding environment. In line with the whole school strategic plan, aims, ethos and boarding mission statement, we offer activities for pupils which stretch and challenge their academic life but which will also enhance and add quality to their personal lives. We provide an environment for pupils in which they can achieve as individuals but at the same time we celebrate the differences between them, so that no pupil feels disadvantaged. Personal pastoral care and extremely positive staff and pupil relationships provide the support and care we believe pupils need to succeed, this in combination with small boarding houses and a strong family and community spirit makes for a happy boarding environment. Boarders are an integral part of the way that the school works and, whilst they number a relatively small percentage of the school population, they have a bigger impact on the school than their numbers might initially suggest. Being close together at the centre of a relatively compact campus, the school belongs to the boarders from 5pm and consequently they contribute to what is at the very heart and soul of the school. Boarding at Truro School is in essence about care, kindness, support and building positive relationships. We want our boarders to have fulfilled, successful and happy lives.

The Residential Curriculum

At Truro School we pride ourselves on the holistic approach to education, developing the whole person. Within the community the staff feel very passionately that we can help the school in this mission and over the last two years we have begun to implement a ’Residential Curriculum’ designed to do so. As part of this curriculum the boarding staff together with appropriate support staff and/or other teaching staff deliver ‘life skills’ sessions to the boarders each week. These sessions tackle a multitude of topic areas that include, but are by no means exclusively; staying safe, personal hygiene, cultural awareness and staying healthy. Each term the boarders organise and participate in a charity event, raising money or giving time and assistance within the community. Recent charity events have include beach cleans, supermarket bag packs, music concerts and the annual Rainbow Run for Children’s Hospice South West. Throughout the year the boarders will also participate in a basic first aid session and a leadership/team building day with Footsteps of Discovery in nearby Trenowth Woods. The different cultures that make up the diverse boarding community are celebrated throughout the year. Celebrating living in Cornwall and what it means to be Cornish is also incorporated with trips to the local museum and cathedral organised.