Boarding Houses – Final Weekend of Summer 2015

What an amazing last week we have had in boarding. Although some of our Upper Sixth and 5th years have now left we still have a lot of pupils remaining in the houses, consequently both our activities schedule and the number of pupils participating in the last week of events has been significant.
The week really began for us on Tuesday with Sports Day. It is almost impossible to identify which pupils performed the best as so many of our pupils were quite brilliant, but perhaps, Fabienne and Nils should be mentioned for their speed and agility, Nicole for pure talent – especially in the javelin, and finally Ankie for her utter guts and determination. It took until around Thursday for most of our pupils to recover, which was excellent timing as many of them then had to perform in the Boarders Charity Concert. This concert is put on to raise money for the Children’s Hospice South West. Again it would be difficult to identify the best participants as the items performed were so numerous and varied. However, there are a few members of our community who really should be mentioned. Cyrus for his incredible talent and natural ability in so many areas of music and performance, Anna and Benny for their creativity, Agne and Alice for pure courage, Bryony and Nicolette for effort and talent and finally of course Dare for hosting the whole evening so well. In the end we raised £269.60, which was brilliant.
Our schedules did not get any lighter however, as the weekend approached. Saturday began with an early breakfast and then a coach journey to Tolcarne beach. We met up with our instructors and our adventures began. Alice learnt to surf, Nicole walked the tightrope, Chloe and Nicolette entered a Sumo competition, whilst Anton and Nikitas showed off their volley ball skills. It was an amazing day and everyone headed home tired but exhilarated. We certainly ate considerable amounts of food later in the evening when we sat outside on in the Quad chewing on our sausages.
Boarding students visit the beach | Cornwall
We set off mid-morning on Sunday to join our boarders in running relentlessly around RAF St Mawgan. Our boarding super hero runner this year really was Fabienne who ran the 5km course in around 24 minutes which is quite remarkable especially considering we were having paint thrown at us whilst we ran! Will and Harry also performed well, running the entire 5km and coming in 3rd out of the boarders. Our weekend was completed with a lovely meal in the dining room followed by some well-earned rest before the final week unfolds and we look forward the Upper Sixth leavers dinner.
Boarding students at the Rainbow Run 2015
As this is the final blog for this academic year and it would be remiss of me not to take this opportunity to mention and thank our wonderful boarding staff. None of the events outlined above would have occurred if the boarding staff had not given up their time and energy to provide these amazing opportunities for our children. We are clearly blessed not only with wonderful boarders but also with wonderful boarding staff. I certainly wish both the staff and pupils in boarding at Truro School a well-deserved holiday and hope that they all get the rest and relaxation they all deserve.

Mrs C E Murphy – Head of Boarding