Balti Night raises £1,551 for Nepal

On Thursday 9 July Truro School Headmaster Andrew Gordon-Brown presented a £1,551 cheque to Mr Ram Sharma helping his charity, The Fund for Nepalese Earthquake Victims, reach its £20,000 milestone.
The latest funds were raised following a Balti Night hosted at Truro School on Friday 12 June that attracted around 80 parents, pupils and friends of the school.
Mr Sharma, who is the owner of Balti Curries in Falmouth and the Nepalese Gurkha in St Austell, was Head Chef in the Truro School kitchen on a night which saw him and his team conjure up a mix of traditional Nepalese meals for all in attendance.
To be at Truro School to host the Balti Night on 12 June Mr Sharma took the last possible flight home in order to stay and help with the aid efforts as long as possible after raising an initial £11,000 in May.
Regardless of the long journey home, Mr Sharma was fresh faced as he hosted the successful Balti Night which ran alongside entertainment of traditional Nepalese Dance. The Truro School event was one of a number of fundraising evenings hosted by Mr Sharma after he himself was caught up in the earthquake devastation back in April when visiting friends and family in Nepal.
After reaching the £20,000 milestone Mr Sharma now plans to send a close friend to Nepal, the new funds being used to buy and construct a tin roof for a school that was rendered structurally unsafe following the earthquake and consequently demolished.
Mr Sharma said:

“The lack of shelter is now a big issue in Nepal. This year the country has experienced higher than expected rainfall and therefore a lack of suitable shelter and housing is one of the primary concerns.”

With so much rainfall the Nepalese are no longer only concerned about further earthquakes but also landslides, particularly due to unstable ground left behind from the earthquake.
Mr Sharma continued:

“Yesterday I saw on the news that the president of Nepal predicts it will take five years to fully recover. In my opinion, I am sceptical about this as I think it will take at least ten years.”

Following the cheque presentation Truro School Headmaster Andrew Gordon-Brown said:

“When Mr Sharma approached us we were delighted to help. Our students are always keen to get behind fundraising events, particularly in response to emergencies.”

He continued:

“It is also important for students to learn the ways in which they can help, through hosting, or in this case, attending fundraising events, being on the ground, or maybe just being one of many voices campaigning for action. Mr Sharma is a great inspiration and a role model for young people who want to make a difference and we are very thankful to him.”

Mr Sharma finished by saying:

“I’d like to say thank you very much to everyone. My initial target was £10,000 and we have reached over £20,000. I am extremely grateful to everyone in Truro, St Austell, Falmouth and the surrounding areas for all their kind donations over the past few months.”

Mr Sharma presented with the £1,551 cheque outside Truro School

Mr Sharma presented with the £1,551 cheque outside Truro School