Author Ian Thomas to Visit Truro Prep School

On Monday 19 January children’s author Ian Thomas will be visiting Truro Prep School and Pre Prep.


A Warm Welcome to My World

Writing children’s novels has become a passion and seeing the final product take shape, with wonderful illustrations is exciting, to say the least.


Emily and her Pharaoh: The Golden Dragon
This is the second book of the trilogy and finds Emily in Hong Kong trying to save the endangered Pink Dolphins. But who is trying to kill them? And why?


Emily, now a member of S.P.L.A.S.H. teams up with Pharaoh, to travel back to adventures in Victorian Kowloon and war torn Hong Kong. Her death defying exploits bring her terror and excitement. But will she survive and will she be able to help the dolphins?


The Emily and her Pharaoh series is my first excursion into writing children’s novels. The publication in October 2012 of the first book was really exciting. Michael Avery, who did the illustrations for the book is a genius.