Date Posted... Dec 7th 2018



Art & DT

Michael Jones CO07

Former Pupil Michael Jones CO07  performed a one man Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde show, ‘Hyde & Seek‘, at the Burrell Theatre last week.  This was almost a return visit, as the show was originally written and performed around ten years ago by our now Director of Drama Ben Oldfield, with Cube Theatre.  Michael was on work experience with Cube at the time.  Michael has since been to university and drama school and is now a professional actor producing his own shows with Flat Packed Theatre.  He performed at the Burrell a couple of years ago in Pipeline’s play ‘Spillikin‘, the play that famously featured a robot actor on stage.  Michael delivered a workshop to the drama scholars while he was back at Truro School, looking at how one man can play several roles in a one man show.  He is also taking time to talk to our sixth form drama students about the realities of working in the industry.

Ben Oldfield said: 

It is a pleasure and a privilege to see Michael putting on ‘Hyde and Seek’ and there is a sort of poetic symmetry to it being performed again at the Burrell.  Michael is a fabulous actor and I wish him every success with the show.  I hope it will run and run.

We asked Michael how he felt about being back:

I have performed in a lot of venues, but the Burrell holds a special place in my heart.  It has always been a very special and significant place for me.  There are a great deal of memories and influential moments, working with Ben Symes and Ben Oldfield with cube.  Working behind the scenes on cube’s ‘Hamlet’ was an inspiration, and getting to perform as Malcolm in Cube‘s ‘Macbeth’ was a real opportunity.