Date Posted... Oct 27th 2016



Class of 64 Reunion History, by Richard Stevenson

In 1995 my wife Catherine and I holidayed on the Isles of Scilly and met up with old school friends: Andrew Julian, Keith ‘Kat’ Low, Francis Hicks and John Bourdeaux for the first time since I left school in 1962.

While we were there we also found the site of the Scout Camp that our troop attended with Mr Penna, our Scoutmaster.

We met James Vage in his Truro jewellery shop when we called in to buy a watch for our son’s 21st birthday and we got chatting about the boys from our year who were still living in Truro and the rest of Cornwall and considered the possibility of holding a reunion the following year when we would all be 50. James said he would track down those he knew in Cornwall and I would track down those from the Scillies and the rest of the country and indeed the rest of the world. I spoke to Mr Dodd, headmaster at the time, and he invited us to hold the reunion at school using the chapel and the dining room.

Between us we tracked down 73 from our year complete with names, addresses and phone numbers (this was before the use of the internet) of which 49, many with partners, attended the reunion.

At the dinner Mr Dodd officiated and Mr Burrell (former headmaster) was the guest speaker. I was able to tell Mr Burrell how he introduced us, through his Cinema Club, to interesting films like Battleship Potemkin and Wages of Fear, resulting in an enduring love of the cinema.

The reunion was such a success it was suggested we hold another in 2006 when we would all be 60. Unfortunately, James Vage died tragically a year or so after the first reunion.

Steve Floyd, then Development Officer, took over much of the administration at Truro School and I rounded up the troops. About 43 Old Boys and 6 teachers sat down to dinner on 14th October 2006, many with their partners and it was again regarded as a great success. This was in spite of the fact that Mr Weeks who was to be our guest speaker was unable to attend as he was poorly: fortunately Headmaster Paul Smith stepped up.

When I suggested that we all meet up again when we all reached 70 in 2016, KAT Low said that we might not make it to 70!  We decided that we would hold another reunion when we turned 65 and that is what we did in 2011.  51 of us sat down to a dinner including 4 of our teachers: Mr Jackson, Mr Keam, Mr Monks and Mr Taylor, 27 former pupils from our year, together with many partners, we all enjoyed another delicious Dinner of Cornish Fare. Bert Biscoe, also a former pupil, was a first class speaker and Headmaster Paul Smith proposed the toasts.

And that brings us up to 2016 when we all turn 70.

We met as usual in the chapel and after an excellent lunch we were shown around the school and our old haunts by a group of boarders, followed by, either a trip to the sports field to watch the rugby 1st XV playing Blundells School, or an excellent tour of Truro led by Bert Biscoe.

25 Former Pupils were joined for dinner by Mr Jackson, Mr Keam, Mr Monks, Mr Taylor and Mrs Weeks (representing Mr. Weeks). The Headmaster, Andrew Gordon-Brown, Nicky Berridge, Development and Alumni Manager, and Helen Wheaton, Development and Alumni Assistant, also joined us together with many of our partners resulting in a seating plan for 55.

The Headmaster proposed the toasts and made an address and instead of having a guest speaker there was an opportunity for guests to stand up and to reminisce about the “Old Days”

Another successful reunion held at Truro School and roll on 2021 when, with a bit of luck and a following wind, we will be 75.

Richard Stevenson (CO64)