Date Posted... Oct 27th 2016



Chris (Bill) Bishop (CO61)


Chris told us how the nickname Bill came about: Mr James, Housemaster in Epworth House, was at the time a selector for the Cornish Rugby team.  The full back for many years was one, Bill Bishop.  Mr. James decided that I would be Bill and so I was called Bill for the rest of my school career.  I also happened to have an uncle named William Bishop, so it didn’t seem that odd.

Chris has always worked in the technology sector, specifically the application of computer systems to business and government bodies.

He joined International Computers (ICL as it was commonly known) in 1961.  In those days companies ran 2 or 3 year training programs and I was assigned to various locations during that time.   Working initially on tabulating machines, but as soon as the1900 computer series was launched in 1964 Chris was on the first programing course.  Cornwall County Council ordered an ICL 1902 later that year and he was assigned to the County Council as the Systems Engineer on a full time basis during the initial two years.

Chris told us:  We had our share of challenges.  The head of computer services was Eric Carmichael, who also was a TS old boy.  One day after we had got everything in production we hosted Boozy Worthington (Head of Maths) and some of his 6th formers to a tour of the facility.  Mr. Worthington who was doubtful of my abilities when I was in his classes, said at the end of the tour:- “You have come a long way, boy” .  From him that was praise indeed.

From here Chris went to Bath University and studied for a Masters in Business Administration and graduated in the autumn of 1969.    My new (and current) wife and I decided we would go abroad for a couple of years, largely because the disastrous government of Harold Wilson was making life so unpleasant.  We are still here.

Chris worked at a consulting firm for a couple of years. Then joined a new company that became the largest computer services firm in Canada.  I was there for 16 years and it was great gig.  I moved over to sales and marketing side of the business and followed that with assignments at Accenture (previously Andersen Consulting), Tandem Computers and my last corporate job was at Compaq.

I then took over a consulting company from my old boss and provided market research for the information technology industry on what governments at all levels were spending on information technology until 2012. 

Since retiring Chris has kept busy with the grandchildren, golf and travel, but tells us he is also very active in the community with a strong focus on our harbours and how they should be developed for the benefit of all our residents.