Additions to the Archive – September and October 2014

By Jo Wood, School Archivist


School Magazine – 1898

Just in – a pristine school magazine from July 1898 and school crest cloth badge which belonged to music teacher Edgar Wood (TS 1893-98). He took an active role in school life while he was at the school, and features in several football and cricket photos. He left Truro in 1898 when he emigrated to South Africa to become Professor of Music at Kingswood College, Grahamstown, where former teacher Ernest G. Gane (TS 1890-94) was headmaster.


School Photograph – 1905

I found a school photograph from 1905 on eBay. Looking through the school magazines of that year, the photo was taken to celebrate the school’s 25th anniversary and the opening of the new reading room. By comparing with football and cricket team photos from the time, it has been possible to identify quite a few people in the photograph.


Airmail – 1945

Rummaging through NT Trelissick Garden’s second-hand bookshop, I came across a book about Henry VIII and his court which caught my eye. Flicking through, I noticed an airmail letter dated 4 March 1945 caught between the pages. My interest increased when I saw it was addressed to an A.L. Treloar of St Agnes – remembering that there was an A.L. Treloar on the school’s 1939-1945 war memorial.


Further research has shown that it is very likely to be Truro School’s A.L. Treloar – the address given is that of his father; it is addressed ‘Dear Bert’, our Treloar’s first name was Albert. The writer is writing from a naval base abroad, and Treloar also served in the Navy. There doesn’t seem to be anyone else in St Agnes called Albert L. Treloar at the time.


Treloar joined the Navy in the early 1940s and served as a lieutenant in the Atlantic with the Russian convoys, taking part in the sinking of the Bismarck, and in the Mediterranean. His health deteriorated and he was in hospital for two years.


The poignant thing is that the letter asks after Treloar because no news has been received for some time; after a long illness Treloar died on 17 February 1945 in hospital in Penzance, and was buried in St Agnes Cemetery. So he never actually read the letter.


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