A Peachy Performance

The Year 4 production of James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, on Thursday 7 May 2015, was a highly entertaining production, from start to finish.
The casting was great. Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker, played by Lexie and Rosie, were a classic double act, and they set a lively tone and pace at the start of the play. Benji and Joshua, who shared the key role of James Henry Trotter, were both hugely impressive, given the considerable amount of dialogue that they had each been given to perform.


There was genuine hilarity too. The earthworm, played by Diggory, and the centipede, played by Lucy, were standout performances. Incredibly, just looking at Diggory, in his padded pale pink earthworm costume, complete with shades, made the audience laugh helplessly. It was lovely to see how much the whole cast were just enjoying the moment and being themselves on the stage.
Costumes, make up and props were fantastic, as usual, courtesy of various talented parents. In particular, the animal costumes were hugely innovative. Think about having to make costumes for the following parts – earthworm, grasshopper, silkworm, centipede, glowworm (she did), spider and ladybird – not easy!


Congratulations to Mrs Gregory for her stylish and ever-changing backdrop of silhouette stills, which took us on an incredible journey. It was perfect and allowed the children to interact with a growing peach, flying seagulls, cloudmen and even land on the empire state building in New York. See the Gallery for pictures.


S. Luxton