A Level Students Explore Psychology in Bristol

On Monday 18 November, 30 A Level Psychology students joined around 1000 other students for a conference in Bristol, where they explored the nature of Science & Pseudoscience, and developed their understanding of Psychology as a rigorous subject, firmly rooted in science.


Eleanor Stone, Head of Psychology, said: “It was a fantastic day out. There was an illustration of a phantom limb, a demonstration of hypnosis and we experienced holding hands with strangers to show neuron speed. We also found out that cows prefer the song Perfect Day and don’t like listening to Jamiroquai!”


One of the highlights of the day, she continued, was listening to Dr Dance and the research he is involved in, investigating the effect of dance on mood and the possible effects of hormones on dancing ability:


“It was amazing to be a part of his practical demonstration in which the whole audience danced together. Our students were superb – they joined in, taking part in experiments, and thoroughly enjoyed the day. We’ve brought lots of learning experiences back with us which we’ve been using in lessons this week.”