5th Year Geography Trip to Falmouth

On Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 October, the 5th Year Geographers travelled to Falmouth to complete the fieldwork element of their GCSE controlled assessment. They were studying the patterns of retail within its Central Business District, beginning their study at The Moor and working along Market Street and Church Street.


They used a variety of data collection techniques including environmental surveys, footfall counts and shop type surveys which utilised their cartographic skills with Goad maps. The students ended in Events Square where they stopped for lunch in the lovely sunshine next to the National Maritime Museum.


After a rest they repeated their footfall counts and environmental surveys to see if there had been any change throughout the day. All 96 students completed their work extremely well and were a credit to the department and to the school. We were thankful for the fine weather too, as this enabled the students to complete the traditional colouring in without even getting wet!


A huge thank you to the students for participating in such a positive manner and we hope this continues throughout the write-up stage of the project, as it contributes to 10% of their GCSE.


The Geography Department


You can see more pictures from the trip in our gallery.