500 word story competition

The first round of judging for the 500 Words 2015 national story writing competition has been completed by volunteer teachers and librarians across the UK.
Recently, we heard that three pupils from Year 5: Joseph, Reuben and William have all made it through to the second round of judging – and they are now waiting to find out whether their stories have been shortlisted from the top 3,800 nationwide to the Top 50.
This is a tremendous achievement, given that over 120,000 entries were received for the 500 Words competition this year.
Feeling nosy? You can read their stories here…
Crash Landing by Joseph G
USS Beamlight, 2084.

I’m Dan, travelling with my friend Chris. Today we’ve left the Earth to be the first living things on Mars. Maybe …
The engines are roaring like volcanoes! We’ve already passed a couple of meteor fields. Here comes another one!
Chris runs to the shields to turn them on. As he presses the button, the tail and the wing are already off. We’re on fire and heading right into Mars! Boom!
I’m on the floor and can’t get up. Chris is out cold. He’s bleeding. I don’t think he’s alive.
The oxygen in the vessel is escaping so I quickly put my suit on. I’m about to step on Mars. Tread. Tread. Tread. Yes, I’m on Mars! This is the best moment in my life! I’m taking photos. Wait. What is that base over there?
There’s a silver dome with towers rising out of it. Who built it? It must be aliens!
I look around at my surroundings on Mars. It’s slightly warmer than the moon, not Earth. The land is crumbly and it hasn’t got strong gravity.
I look over at the base again. I can’t believe it. It’s on fire! Part of my burning space ship must have landed in it and set it on fire! I need to help that base. After all, I can’t get home. I’ve done my job on Mars. If I help the aliens with their base on fire, maybe they’ll help me get back home. I carry as many fire extinguishers from my vessel. Here I go.
I run with the fire extinguishers. Whoa! The aliens are funny! Their skin is dark green and their eyes are massive. They have many fingers on each hand. They’ve got silver, shiny clothes on. They look at me as if they are begging for help.
I give them the fire extinguishers. They look at the red bottles. I think they know how to use them. Together, we fight the fire. It goes down. We’re doing it! And it’s gone. They’re thanking me.
They speak to me through a special translating machine and say, “Thank you for helping save us. As a reward we will give you a space pod to get back to Earth.”
“Oh, thank you! But Chris is dead. My friend is dead.”
I watch as they go over to Chris’s body. An alien zaps him with a health laser and I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Chris’s eyes open and he comes back to life. I run over to him and fist bump him. The aliens take us over to the space pod and we get in. One of the aliens says he will fly it to Earth.
So we set off for Earth. The alien looks at the beauty of the Earth and says, “I wish I lived here.”
“We wish you could too, but you can’t survive in the oxygen. Sorry mate, but thanks for the lift.”
Eggstreme Adventure by Reuben
Early one bright morning, a delighted mother chicken gave birth to four brown speckled eggs, but shockingly the very next day she found that they had vanished. In fact they had been cruelly snatched by a ginormous thug of a man, who had viciously plunged those helpful eggs into a pit of icy cold water. They were splashed around and around and around until finally they were taken from their torture chamber and cracked into a deep, deep, dark pit of terror. Also, ruthlessly thrown in was a white substance and some water then a small metal thingy was stuck in the pit of terror and whizz, whizz around they went.
At last the torture ended and they were taken and tipped into a small and terrifyingly dark slimy pit of terror and stuffed into a boiling hot square monster, made of tin, and heated and heated, never given a break. The water had gone missing and all of them were getting thick and fluffy thick and fluffy, though they remained fluffy on the outside they were screaming with agony on the inside. And they began to get browner and browner until…they finally where taken out of the huge heat monster and they breathed in a deep sigh of relief but just as they started to get comfy, the inevitable happened…
The eggs and their companions suddenly were cut out of the shallow torture chamber and thrust into a freezing box this time and they were chilled and chilled. It was a terrifying eggperience and frost was settling on them, by now they were turning into a single round thing. And they were getting harder and harder. This was no yoke they were being frozen to death and the cold was so breath taking that the white substance had already passed out. And two of the four eggs were slowly and painfully getting frostbite. Then finally the traumatising experience ended and they breathed in another sigh of relief not knowing what more painful torture lay ahead of them.
Suddenly, they were wrenched from the freezing box and thrown onto a silver net plate and a long blade was extended towards them and sliced right through their middle. They screamed with pain as their surface was coated with something that looked horribly like thick sticky, gooey blood. Those two halves were roughly smashed together and sprinkled with a hard white mixture it was ever so painful for them.
They were thrown onto a cold white plate and they were ruthlessly chopped up and stuffed into that giant thug of a man’s filthy stinky mouth never to be seen again.
The white cloud by William S
One spring morning, there was a soft white cloud drifting across the blue sky happily. He had hours to look down on the deep blue sea and saw the sharks and dolphins doing their own business. The dolphins were splashing away and the sharks were eating all the fish. He loved being with his friends and wanted to stay with them for ever and ever. But he knew that he’d break away from his friends someday, because he saw loads of clouds going into the sky and then crying for their friends and family. The wind will never take me away from my friends and family in their hearts, he thought to himself.
But that day there was a strong westerly wind and he rose and rose and rose, getting further away from his family and friends. As he rose higher, it got colder and colder and his water condensed into rain. He saw this big rock and the wind was blowing him straight to it. He saw other clouds but they were strangers. They were clouds so they weren’t that strange to him, so he thought he could keep them company but then they got blown in another direction and they weren’t as worried as he was. The rock was a mountain. He thought he was going to crash but then he heard a noise.
Gradually, he felt colder and colder just looking at the rock and then there was a giant grey cloud ahead of him! Frightened, he bumped into the cloud with a wallop and a bolt of lightning shot down from under the big grey cloud. The little cloud trembled with horror as the lightning strike passed right by him. In a low voice the grey cloud sneered at him and said, “Be braver, small one. I am sorry, this is me and I can’t change who I am. Don’t be scared of me because I wouldn’t be scared of you.”
Suddenly the sun broke into small pieces through the cloud. A brightly coloured rainbow appeared. Now he wasn’t scared and he knew what had happened. The broken sun was shining through the water vapour. Now he thought he was the cleverest cloud in the world.
The big grey cloud smiled at him. Finally the little white cloud understood everything: you need sunshine and rain to make a beautiful rainbow! It was red, orange and every colour you could imagine except brown, black, grey and definitely not turquoise. It was curved like a bow or maybe an arrow he could not quite remember? He thought it was a bow, but he was not so sure! There might be some more adventures with the white cloud…
There are two different age categories and a judging panel now has to decide which 25 stories should be shortlisted in each of the two age categories.
The Top 50 stories will be announced on 9th May 2015. Following this, the Top 50 shortlisted entrants will be invited to attend the final at St James’s Palace, London on Friday 29th May 2015 for the live broadcast of the BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Breakfast Show.

S. Luxton