4th Year Geologists – Controlled Assessment at Bude

On Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 June 2015, the 4th year GCSE Geologists undertook a full day of geological mapping at Upton Cross, 1.5 km south of Bude. The field day is the primary data collection exercise for the controlled assessment and the information collected will be later used to write up a scientific report which counts as 25% towards the Geology GCSE award.
Pupils worked in groups of 2 or 3 and took detailed dip and strike readings of the rocks along a coastal section of 150 metres. They made detailed descriptions of sedimentary rock types and structures and mapped the positions of the major fold structures in the cliff and wave cut platform. The position of a dextral tear fault was identified and further evidence was provided by the recognition and analysis of fault breccia and slickensides.
Geology - Truro School, Cornwall
Field sketches were made of all the important features and students worked methodically, independently and efficiently to complete the tasks set on the day. Working in calm conditions and in glorious sunshine, the students didn’t even mind having just a 15 minute break for lunch before getting back to work on the rocks.
The high quality of field notes and data collected will provide a solid foundation for the write up which follows and will, in turn provide a platform for some exceptional examination results next year.
Geology Lesson 2015, Bude, Cornwall. Truro School Students.