Pentreve – Quad Biking

This week was a busy one for the boys; with interim exams in most subjects being sat, prep took on a very studious feel as the boys prepared themselves as best they could. Tuesday evening saw Enric and Calum swim whilst Eneko trained with Truro City Football Club and Wednesday saw a break from the normal routine with a Dominoe’s pizza supper in the boarding house due to the Schools Sixth Form Form Open Evening being hosted in the schools dining hall. Thirteen large pizzas’s all hosting a different variety of toppings were duly wolfed down accompanied by chicken strippers, chicken kickers and chicken wings. I think it fair to say that the swimming and sports hall badminton and football session that evening left one or two of the Pentreve boys feeling a little green and unwell.


It was very quickly the weekend, the penultimate weekend before half term and the boys were keen to chill out, relax and have some fun before their academic and effort grades are published later this week. Friday night saw Enric and Eneko play hockey whilst Hector went to Truro Badminton club. An hour of prep followed supper and then the boys went, on mass, to the sports hall for some five-a-side football with Mr Mulready.


Saturday brought with it some lovely weather and Shin, Cyrus, Mikel, Eneko, Enric, Calum and Justus represented the school in rugby fixtures against Taunton School. All the boys were victorious in their respective games and it is great to hear that they are building in confidence and ability on the Rugby pitch. Mikel has even managed to secure himself a place in the starting fifteen this week when the U15 A team play in the National Cup against Helston on Tuesday and the County Cup against Redruth on Wednesday. Saturday evening, as usual means only one thing in Pentreve… Pizza’s and a film before bed.


This weekend’s main activity, quad biking, had been eagerly awaited all week and it did not disappoint. After brunch on Sunday the boys, wearing old clothes and carrying spare trousers/shorts for afterwards, loaded the minibuses bound for the ATV Centre in Blackwater. The weather was dry but the mud was still out in force and made for a very fun filled afternoon of quad biking. After three (or in some cases five or six) laps of the beginners/learners circuit the stewards were finally happy to let the lads loose on the main track.


It was then back to the bus and a change of clothes…muddy shoes were put in plastic bags and I made a pit stop at Tesco’s for some Ariel Activlift…something told me the washing machine was going to be tested to its limits on our arrival back home. Dirty clothes were subsequently washed, showers were had and it was soon supper time. David who had unfortunately missed the quad biking fun due to his golfing commitments enjoyed a successful day at Killiow and we look forward to hearing of how he gets on this Thursday when he represents the school, playing golf against King’s Taunton in the HMC Foursomes Competition. A dinner of Roast Duck, Grilled Tuna or Vegetable Chow Mein was on offer for supper and the boys appetites were realised…although they still managed to pack away a pudding or two. It was then time for some prep before a DVD in the common room, accompanied by MORE chocolate cake, was enjoyed by all. The boys fell into bed come lights out and we await yet another exciting week in Pentreve.


A gallery of images from the weekend is available to view.


Mrs S Mulready
Assistant Housemistress (Pentreve)