1st Year Survival Day at Minions #4

It was cold and dry as we drove up to Minions last Sunday morning, and the students were mesmerised by the inversion that made the valley below look like a cloud lake.


It was the biggest group of students coming up to Minions so far this year, with a total of 19 from form 1L. Spanner and Ross from Footsteps of Discovery were there to meet us and train the group in survival and bush craft skills, with the aim of developing teamwork and group bonding within the form. It was the girls against the boys from the start and they went head to head on skills based on survival techniques. In the final event, both groups were neck and neck at the finishing line with the boys narrowly coming first. What was great to see however was how the girls, even though they went behind early, didn’t give up and clawed back to within a few seconds of the boys. A good lesson to learn.


The Headmaster even came and visited us this weekend to experience the Minions hut and see the students having a great time. It has been a fantastic month of Minion Sundays with fine weather and excellent participants. I must thank Spanner and Ross for their training and Mrs Gould for helping driving minibuses and getting Minions cleaned and ready to go.


Mike Cucknell

Outdoor Pursuits and Activities Coordinator