1st Year Survival Day at Minions #3

On Sunday 5 October, a group of 1K students accompanied by two Sixth Form prefects went to Minions for the third of our Survival Days. This weekend Bodmin moor was much wetter and colder, but this didn’t seem to bother 1K who dutifully set about learning the techniques required to rescue themselves in the event of being stranded in the wilderness.


The relay is based on survival skills, but the ethos behind the day is to allow the form to bond and interact with each other outside of school. They work as a team, discovering that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and how to harness the best out of everyone involved. It enables students to succeed and fail at activities throughout the day, yet come away feeling they know themselves and their classmates that much better.


All 14 of the 1K students went home smiling and seemed to have a fantastic time. Huge thanks must go to Ross and Miss Gould for making the day happen, as well as Callum MacDonald and Hugo Heard who are both Outdoor Pursuits prefects and came up expecting to help for the day but in the end became willing participants.


Mike Cucknell

Outdoor Pursuits and Activities Coordinator