1st Year Survival Day at Minions #2

This weekend it was the turn of 1J to come up to Minions and experience the beauty of Bodmin Moor. The day started off cloudy, but as it developed the sun started to burn off the cloud and it turned into another amazing day on the moor.


With the help of Spanner, 10 1st Year students learned survival techniques and how to work together to build structures, create signal fires and how to evacuate the injured. They were split into two teams who battled it out against each other, using the techniques they learned in the morning, to see who would get rescued first.


Through outdoor education, these students have learned more about themselves, about how to work as a team and, importantly, how to keep going against adversity to eventually be triumphant. A big thank you must go to Spanner and the team at Footsteps of Discovery for another great weekend.


Mike Cucknell

Outdoor Pursuits and Activities Coordinator