1940’s School Reunion

Every community has its wise elders and Truro School community is no different.
On Friday 17 April afternoon at 2pm, 30 of our former pupils who were at School during the 1940s and earlier joined our current Headmaster, Andrew Gordon-Brown and the Development Office team for a delightful cup of Tregothnan tea and homemade scones.
The eldest of our party was Mr George Williams at 97 years. Mr Williams made the journey to School with his wife from Gloucestershire. Mr Pengilly of St. Keverne was astonished to find he was not the oldest at 91!
Stories of punishment (hours standing by the gong) and strife were the main themes of conversation, all interspersed with great doses of laughter. Andrew enjoyed listening to tales of mortar boards being thrown into the river on graduation day, some floating from the insertion of plywood! Jo Wood’s pen struggled to keep up with the raft of anecdotes; a particular favourite and entirely new account for our knowledgeable Archivist, was of Sixth Form boys hiding the Headmaster’s Austin on the roof of the Graham Smith block – I can’t imagine Andrew’s estate making the same journey with equal degrees of success!

Former students remember faces from old school photos.

Former students remember faces from old school photos.

There were sad tales too of small boys who did not make it to adulthood, being taken prematurely by polio and measles. These diseases were taken very seriously, with boys who presented with suspect symptoms kept in confinement. Such confinement did not thwart youngsters from securing sweets from the tuck shop; a rope and cap with comrades ‘down below’ were very useful prison break items indeed!
Former students gather for a speech.

Former students gather for a speech.

After tea some of the former pupils went on tours of the School campus to see its many developments. The Sir Ben Ainslie Sport Centre was a particular star of the show, as well as the changes to the Trennick dormitories, which are now predominantly the library and offices, with only a wing remaining for our current senior boarding boys. Thank you to Emma Austin for the impromptu tour of Trennick.
Thanks also to Steve Floyd for collecting some of our party in the School bus – I hear it added greatly to the adventure for those who took up the offer.
Until next time – hopefully not too far in the future – we wish all those who attended best wishes and those that couldn’t the same. We look forward to meeting you at the next reunion.

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Further photos from the 1940s reunion can be found in our gallery.