Pentreve – Pizzas, Movies and Laser Quest

Happy new year from us all in Pentreve and welcome to our first blog of 2015.  Pentreve House has been eerily quiet over the last few weeks: the piano keys have been silent and the usual laughter that disseminates from the games room has been noticeably absent.  Whilst this has given Mr Nicholas and I some time to recharge the batteries it was lovely to welcome the boys back on Monday evening.  Jonas’s absence was certainly felt by everyone but we are excited to welcome Harry to the house.  We hope he settles in quickly and I know that the boys will do everything they can to look after him.


The usual catching up, unpacking and sorting of school uniform took up most of Monday evening and then it was to bed for a good night’s sleep.  Tuesday morning and the start of the spring term quickly came about and the boys headed up the hill to begin this term’s academic study.  New targets have been set over the holidays and the boys were all eager to get back into the swing of things.  The entire school community congregated for the annual Epiphany Service at Truro Methodist Church in the morning before it was back into lessons in the afternoon.


It is fair to say that the rest of the week passed in a blur of lessons and after-school activities; quite how we have arrived at the weekend already is a mystery but here we are!  The weekend began in a relaxed fashion, the usual Friday evening extra English lesson with Mrs de Gruchy meant cups of tea, cup-cakes and James Bond in the common room this week.  Fabian went home with Henry, Harry and Bosco completed some prep and then it was free time for all.  The miserable weather outside meant the boys were not keen to venture anywhere (apart from Bosco who spent an hour and a half in the SBASC playing basketball) and so they opted to make the most of the house facilities instead.


Saturday morning meant an early wake up call for Harry.  Having wasted no time getting involved with the extra-curricular life of the school, Harry (together with Will) left for a hockey fixture at Blundell’s School before the others were even out of bed. The rest of the house snoozed and made the most of the lie in waking just in time for brunch.  Again, the weather was miserable and so the boys opted for an afternoon visit to the cinema to watch Taken 3.


Harry returned from Blundell’s just as the boys returned from the film, and whilst he and his team finished ‘second’, he thoroughly enjoyed the game and the experience.  I am looking forward to hearing of Harry’s further involvement and successes this term; well done for getting stuck in so quickly, Harry!


After dinner the usual DVD watching and pizza devouring session was requested and so I got busy in the kitchen, although I think the boys’ stomachs have shrunk over the holidays: they were only able to polish off a mere nine this week!  ‘Not to worry miss’, I was told, cold pizza for pre-brunch in the morning will be perfect’.  ‘Pre-brunch?’ was my reply!


On Sunday, the house was quiet until at least ten o’clock with the boys catching up on some sleep.  Some pizza was, as promised, eaten and a hearty brunch was once again enjoyed.  This weekend, Mrs Murphy organised for a group outing and so all four boarding houses came together for this weekend’s activity. Ayobami arrived just in time (as we were walking out of the door in fact) and the boys and girls enjoyed an afternoon of indoor laser tagging at Bombadinga’s in Redruth.  Four mixed teams battled it out for the ultimate title and it was great to see the houses mixing so well and all of the students taking the time to catch up with each other.


We returned to school just in time for supper and then the usual round of homework, laundry sorting and room tidying began.  The piano in the office has been in high demand this weekend too, Nils is in fact filling the house with music as I write.


If the speed at which this week has passed by is anything to go by we are in for a whirlwind of a term.  Please continue to check our weekly blogs to see how the boys are getting on and what we are getting up to in Pentreve.


Mrs Sarah Mulready

Assistant Housemistress (Pentreve House, Junior Boys’ Boarding)